December 2, 2010 who?!

...soul by the slice...

3rd Wednesdays Soul Party

***DECEMBER 15, 2010***


This month, we have Pilipino American revolutionary emcee, BAMBU, in his first ever DJ set, showing love to his favorite drum sound: the 808. The Roland TR-808 drum machine redefined the meaning of bass when it came out in 1980 and became an essential tool for every hip hop producer. From its beginnings in songs like Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" to its overuse on almost every song played on Power 106's rotation today, the 808 is undeniably one of the greatest inventions and sounds of our time.

With Residents:


3408 Verdugo Rd
Glassell Park, Los Angeles


November 22, 2010

November 16, 2010 the rock and back...

man. fun trip. landed in honolulu last sunday afternoon after the grand concordia/araquel wedding, which happened right after a great in-store at backside records in burbank for the dj muggs x bambu mixtape release -- thanks to everyone who came out and congratulations to my kasamas, my comrades, mi familia, johneric and christine. anyway, back to the program...

the road manager, c-knowledge, got to the island before i did, so he scooped us in the push-to-start nissan altima to begin our adventure... adventures. first stop, zippy's with geologic, kiwi, manila ryce and professor rod. rode around the city for a little bit before ending the night at tantalus overlooking honolulu! great start. i crashed early, but the other guys went out to mai tai's.

**preface to the week: EVERYDAY we ended up at the in4mation store at ward... don't know how, but we did! what's up to the whole in4mants family!!!

monday morning, we hit the beach really quick before we were off to farrington high school in the majority filipino community of kalihi. we were the lunchtime show and we had a great time. seph one, creed, big mox, k-luv, kiwi, geo and i took to the quad area platform and knocked out a few verses before jetting out. it was great to have all those young people out there having fun with us! of the 2400 students there, 70% are filipino... in case y'all didn't know, hawaii is at the bottom of the united states' education system (right above that is new orleans), so fighting the dropout rate is a serious struggle here -- making this trip to visit these youth more important to us. monday night was full of ridiculous party hunting consisting of mai tai's and... well, other spots - for the most part, fail.

tuesday morning and we went straight to the university of hawaii to sit on a few panels for professor rod's class. probably not a good idea to hang out and act a fool before attempting to hang with academics... bad look. but, regardless, the panels went well and i finally got to see kiwi's film, "sounds of a new hope." i'll write about it in a different post, but i dug it. the last thing on our agenda for the day was a studio session! geo and i (along with manila and c-knowledge) went over to see the homie osna, who has a dope studio setup in the crib! let's just say that we recorded a very short, but fun project that we'll be dropping on y'all soon. stay tuned! peace to rashida jones. after a brief rest in the hotel, we met back up to hit mai tai's... again. this time though, it was battle of the bands so the spot was jumping! had a great time moving out of the way of giant locals holding pitchers of beer like they were shot glasses. good time.

next morning, we prepared to go back to farrington high school to have a formal talk with about 135 students in the school's library. we spoke to them mostly about the challenges they may be facing in and out of school that make graduating more difficult. the objective was to aid in their awareness of those issues and attempt to prepare them for those challenges in the future -- with the goal of obviously getting them successfully out of high school and into college. during the talk, we got a chance to listen to faith pascual do a spoken word piece for the group and KILL IT! she's an amazing young person doing big things on the hawaii spoken word scene... look out for her. from there, we (geo and i) shot over to visit and do a workshop with youthspeaks hawaii. it was great!!! geo put together a really great workshop and we had a lot of fun facilitating it -- the talent pool there is phenomenal! we managed to find our way over to ktuh for bone's show, "got rice," but hosted by the homie seph one. we definitely got seph in trouble with our uncouth manner in which we dealt with irate callers and promoting our show against ktuh regulation (you can't tell people to go to your event or tell them how much it costs). sorry bone, sorry seph. after that, we had a freestyle session in the parking lot, took off on a search party for geo's misplaced iphone, hit up next door to catch ahmad, uno mas and the homie, scarub for their show in chinatown and finally ended up at jazz minds - where we freestyled on stage with the dead beats. the night ended in a parking lot - freestyling. oh, and manila ryce kicked a rap!

thursday morning, we went to the beach again before starting our day. can't remember what happened between the beach and pearlridge center, but whatever - we hit up pearlridge for our in-store at the in4mation store there. 4pm rolled around and nobody had shown up. it was looking like a fail for us. after setting up, we went down to the eatery for a bite. the in-store was scheduled to start at exactly 4:30pm. we got upstairs at 4:30pm to a surprisingly packed store! dope, dope, dope! the performances went real good, the audience seemed to dig it and after hanging out at the store to take pictures and build with folks, we took off... to the studio again to put some finishing touches on the records! after the studio, i turned in early and spent that night asleep, because i had to get up to do an interview with professor rod for his upcoming book on filipino-americans in hip hop music.

In4m-Pearlridge-Instore Show from TIZZY on Vimeo.

friday - met up with the professor and knocked out a 3 hour interview, starting at 8am. talking with professor rod is always great, because he gets it! most academics i know don't - so, its really dope to be able to connect with a brother on many different levels of this awkwardly labeled subculture of "filipino-american hip hop." i have a feeling this book is going to flip shit on everyone! after the interview, we met up with jun jo at ward and took off for a much needed trip to the north shore! i've never been to pipeline, so i was hype to be going with a pro surfer, who knew the area so well and even showed us where all the pro's stay (like a dorm for surfers) when they're in town. very dope. the pipeline was craaaazy! the waves were perfect, the sun was perfect, the water was perfect... everything was perfect. phat (who had joined us on thursday night), jun, k-luv and i hit the waves! hella fun. from there it was off to soundcheck, but not before hitting up the shrimp truck - where we ran into david cross from mr. show and arrested development!

show time. this post is already too long as it is, so let's keep it short and simple by saying fresh cafe was packed to the brim with people and EVERY performer rocked the rock (you like that?)... til' next time, hawaii. mahalo.

disclaimer: i left out two very important stories involving a massage and a supercut. you'll have to wait for those - don't hold your breath.

peace to riana for the awesome pictures! peep her stuff here.

yes, that is me with my shirt off... note to self: stop losing bets to geo.