October 9, 2007


so, krishtine and i took a trip to santee alley about a month ago with our homegirl, mey from the town. we love sante alley! the fluid movement of black and brown folks flooding a 3 block alley in downtown los angeles to shop, sell or grab a bite at one of the little corner fruit carts. korean vendors who speak spanish better than english. white business owners who come down to the alley and get the latest clothing at wholesale dirt prices to turn around and slang for quadruple the price at whatever "boutique" they own in orange county. it's a great place.

actually, that has very little to do with this post. this post is about the bootleg t-pain album i copped at santee alley. i'm in love with it. i know, i know -- i'm kicking myself too. krish compared our fondess for this album to junk food: we know it's bad for us, but it feels so damn good. i don't know how to describe his music -- i mean, it's not great songwriting, the production value is minimal, he can't actually sing and the content is silly. what's wrong with me? the songs go from the pirate-like "bartender" (ode to a beautiful drink jockey) to "yo stomach" (about... well, yo' stomach). anyway, shawty, if you get a chance to bootleg this joint, go ahead... i won't be mad at you for bumping it.

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