October 8, 2007

...darkness is spreading everybody...

i had a studio session in oakland last night. worked on a few upcoming projects with dj phatrick, do dat (of the attik) and will bracy. i live for the studio. it’s never dull. always a good time. this is where i belong.

anyways, during the recording of a track for the upcoming album, “…exact change…” i was forced, thanks to do dat, to revisit something that brought me so much joy: chappelle’s show! there was a period between 2003-2006 when i couldn’t stop myself from reciting lines from this groundbreaking show. i miss it. there was a line from each of these characters that could slide easily into any conversation… and gotdamnit if i didn’t try. from the mad real world to rick james, this was one of the most innovative and, just straight up, one of the funniest shows to ever hit the boob tube. long live chappelle!

now, this also forced me to think about the horrifically bad shows that have taken advantage of chappelle’s departure from “hollywood.”

here is the number one culprit and a show that i wish would just go the f**k away:

yes, the mind of mencia. f**k you, carlos mencia. there are many reasons why i don’t like his show, but the most important of them all is that he’s not funny. he is not funny! i’ve watched his stolen stand up routine and a few of his episodes when dumb muthuhf**kuhs throw his dvd in when i come by (and they usually start off with, “yo, bam, you seen this mind of mencia show – it’s f**kn’ funny!”). if you think carlos mencia is funny, put on your nicest pair of hiking boots – and kick yourself in the chest.

“but bam, he’s a latino brother doing his thing, man! why don’t you support him in what he’s doing?!”

well, let me quickly break this down. the comedians that i appreciate are the ones who speak on social and cultural issues, make us laugh, and when the giggles die down, make us say, “damn, that shit is real, huh?” the greats: dave chappelle, richard pryor, george lopez, chris rock… these guys did it! unapologetic. daring to laugh in the face of racism and challenge our delicate little safe zone by telling it like it is. carlos mencia on the other hand f**ks that up by not being funny (his biggest crime) and basing his whole stolen routine on shitting on other cultures behind, “hey, i’m a person of color, i can call arabs ‘akmeds'." carlos mencia is "america’s latino" comic. george lopez is the people’s latino comic. does that make sense? i’m rambling, i know. let me get out of here, i got some writing to do for the projects that i’m working on right now – i’ll see y’all later. here’s a little something for you funny folks…

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