October 15, 2007


the san diego gig at the morena club was really good. the committee tore it down right before i hit the... ummm... "stage." small space, no stage, but the energy from the crowd was great. i love doing shows like that! big up to all the organizers who put it together, and saw that we had a good time and a great sounding show. jonathan lego is that dude. caught up with some really good fam in diego. the cutting edge pitbull crew came through and showed love. kuttin kandi, rob, the pnoy ap squad, xylophone films and community folks all came out to support -- thank you all. do dat, dj phat, paloma, steph and i appreciate all the love -- thank you all!

the next day, after krish and i went to our favorite shopping mall (santee alley), we drove out to the studio in chatsworth where dat and i went to work on some things for our upcoming mini-album.

oh, and in san diego we found out that 'champion' won best music video at the san diego asian film festival!!! native guns' first award! congratulations to the xylophone/kid heroes squad!!!

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