October 18, 2007

...i bomb atomically, socrates philosophies and hypothesis...

if you don't know where that's from -- you must learn! my girlfriend put up a blog the other day, taking excerpts out of an interview she did with the wu-tang. i love reading her blog (it's my favorite). now, i was lucky enough to be able to sit in the other room (playing tony hawk's underground 2 on the playstation) and listen to the actual raw audio tapes of her interview, but i don't know what them brothers be saying sometimes. i'm glad she posted these fine quotes. i love this one:

RZA: Women are a natural representation of sex. We know that. And that’s y’all natural thing. But the whole jewel about it though is that, anything valuable is covered. You want oil? You gotta dig. You want diamonds? You gotta dig. You want gold? You gotta dig. The earth is covered ¾ of its surface, with water. So a woman is supposed to cover herself, preserve her jewelry for a proper man. But we in a generation right now that, niggas is buildin’ houses, and you buildin’ a stripper pole in your house. That’s part of your furniture, now.

awesome. read the rest of the selections on her page. it's up there in the corner -- guerillabusfare.com!

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Da Truf said...

Thanks for the shameless plug, hon.
Couldn't have done it without you!