October 11, 2007

...my friend, manny...

he did it again. he went toe to toe with barrera and won... again. he's the biggest draw in boxing right now. our tiger woods. our michael jordan. he's gone up against the best, and beaten them. he makes us proud. we gather around the television, pilipinos around the world, and we watch him fight. we stand in that ring with him and throw down, because he comes from the land that we are all rooted from -- the philippines.

he's my favorite boxer.

he's one of the most outspoken supporters of gloria macapagal arroyo (gma) -- the president of the philippines, and the largest human rights violator in the world. her camp is responsible for the murders of over 1100 activists, students and civilians who have spoken against her camp and/or has done any work to counter the grind she's been putting in to exploit our land and it's people. manny pacquiao loves her. he gives her a shout out after every fight. sigh. manny. what the fuck, homie?! the people of mindanao, where manny is from, are on the top of the list of people gma loves to fuck with -- and he has dinner with her, discussing the progress of the "military exercises" that are happening in the southern philippine islands. crazy.

he's my favorite boxer.

i'm used to manny coming into the ring, playing his self-sung slow-ass balad and rocking the flamed up 'no fear' brand shorts. for the latest bout however, my friend manny was rocking some red nike brand shorts. major money. nike's been exploiting the people of southeast asia by paying them close to nothing and supporting conditions not suitable for any worker. i can't even imagine the amount of money they paid manny to rock that brand... the first and only filipino to ever get an endorsement deal with nike. it costs nike $1.20 to make a $60 shoe -- and only about $0.03 of that money goes to the little brown hands that stitch them kicks.

manny pacquiao: he's my favorite boxer -- but he'll never be muhammad ali.

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