October 23, 2007

...today in hip hop...

so, today, bambu has heard that the teacher, krs-one, is joining the ranks of reality television's celebrity stars! krs-one will join the cast of next season's celebrity fit club on vh1. i don't watch the show, but i hope this does something positive for him.

also, read some xxl magazine quotes from one of my favorites, young hov:

"I think Lil Wayne is extremely talented," Jay says. "I think he's one of the most talented ones out there. I mean, even more so how his delivery is than what he says. I don't think some of the things he says sometimes are the greatest things, but the way he delivers it, that's part of it."

"But do I think me and Lil Wayne should be in the same sentence? Me? No," Jay says. "I mean, hopefully one day. He has to accumulate work. Put some classics under his belt."

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