October 22, 2007

...weekend warrior...

friday: occidental college's "taste of occi." my homie, selbi put me on to this show, and told me i didn't need to promo it, because it was for occidental students. to be honest with you, i didn't think it was going to be a big deal, so i went into the venue (a church) not expecting much -- moded. that shit was crackn'! there were about 200 students in a church watching an assembly line of performers hitting the stage and all killing it. it ended with a guy named, doug. great set -- he came out to a justin timberlake song, wearing a monk's robe, and finished with rihanna's umbrella -- use your imagination. then, i hit the stage and did a quick set. the crowd response was really good and i was happy i did the event. thanks to selbi and everyone at occidental college for bringing me out.

immediately afterward i shot down to the valley to see my people at divine forces radio! almost the entire dfr family was in the builging: my big brother, fidel, counterstryke, breeze, taya, tony and of course, the almight orator!!! i also ran into my homegirl, invincible who laced me with her new single -- ridiculous with the wordplay!

and finally, to end the friday night off, krish and i made it down to the avalon to see roscoe umali perform and help him celebrate his "21st" birthday! krish and i had a lot of fun. had to really practice our "zen-like" attitude the entire night.

saturday: got up nice and early, grabbed micah, allen and the infamous, dj phatrick, and headed down to fullerton for the annual friendship games. i love this event. young pinays and pinoys from all over the west side of the country, coming together to compete in an "olympic" style competition for bragging rights. it was a wonderful enviornment. i performed at the halftime show and my little homie, marlon d backed phatty and i up. kmb was definitely in the house! pnoy apparel was there, along with my man, nump -- slanging ube ice cream (?!)... i can't lie about that!

after the show, we shot through traffic and hit up the october 22nd coalition's offices in south central to pick up turntables from the homie, taya. then we headed up to imix bookstore for a show with ill-literacy.

the imix bookstore show was small, but the energy was massive. ill-literacy killed it. nico did my favorite of his poems, the san adreas joint. that one gets me everytime. the turnout wasn't what i was hoping for, but it was my fault for having such a poor promotional run for this show. one week. not good. big up to ill-literacy.

we topped the night off with great conversation and bomb-ass thai food. dj phatrick has not yet found the golden lotus, but adriel has some pretty good leads.

sunday: anniversary day. spa. korean bbq. darjeeling. dvd bonus features. i love krishtine de leon.

today, i got the anti-police brutality rally to perform at later on. i hope y'all wore black. i'll see you guys at macarthur park.

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