October 15, 2007


krish and i have decided to become buddhists. well, let me be real, we're trying to be buddhist-like. really, we're just trying not too be so quick to jump into a fight with stupid-ass people. krish and i are hot-heads, and we get into shit all the time... with stupid-ass people. it's not healthy for us, the baby or our families to be so wound up and ready to throw. the other night, coming home from roscoe's chicken and waffles, i got into a little incident at an intersection crosswalk... with a stupid-ass person. BUT, if a cop decided at that moment to swing by, i would be in jail and kahlil wouldn't meet his daddy for a few months or years. that night, krish and i went home, and because the tension from the earlier incident was still in the air, WE ended up getting into a fight. this happens all the time. some idiot pops off at the mouth or does something offensive, and i react. you would think i would be calmer -- being that i teach kids martial arts and that i really want our folks to put themselves in a position where they can think clearly and objectively so they don't get hemmed up on some dumb shit. you know, it's just been recently too -- maybe the stresses of life are getting to me, and i won't admit it to myself.

anyway, the point is, krish and i have decided to breath ("wooosahhh...") and walk away. but, don't get it twisted, push me hard enough... i'll break your face! just kidding... or am i?! in the meantime, this is what i'll play over and over again in my head to make sure i stay calm in times of "what the fuck did that muthuhfuckuh say?!" enjoy:

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