November 12, 2007

...alone time...

well, krish is up in the bay for the next few weeks. she'll be getting some fresh bay area winter air for herself and kahlil (in the womb) until thanksgiving (thankstaking, for all my super-hard-nosed militant folks). so, home alone. this gives me time to reflect on me, and where i'm going to be this time next month. i've heard homies complain, cry and panic about their "bachelor life" getting cut short with the coming of a new baby, or the possible "next level" move of marriage. so, as my plane landed in burbank, i said to myself -- i'm going to sit on my couch, alone, and think about all that i'll be losing with kahlil's entry into the world.

i sat on the couch for hours... watching 'family guy.' couldn't think of one bad thing, except the possibility of missing his first step because my career keeps me on the road and in the studio. there's nothing about my life before krish or kahlil that i'm going to miss enough to make me nudge at regret.

there are times that krish and i may argue, and i'll feel like i need a break, but here i am (by the way, we're not fighting, we just got a lot of things popping off in the bay this month before the baby's born), and i don't want to spend any more time than i already have away from that woman, or the little guy she's carrying in her belly.

so, the moral is: brothers, fuck the grass being greener on the other side and get your ass in the house...

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