November 5, 2007

...american "what the fuck?!"...

krish and i got up at around, what we thought was 10am on sunday morning. but, that whole moving back of the clock thing gave us an extra hour to start our day off. excitedly, we ventured off to see "american gangster" -- i posted the preview back in october, and said that i was very excited to see it.

got the tickets at 1:30pm for the 1:45pm show. geeked up. ran up in the theater, leaving my pregnant girlfriend behind me to find seats. we found the perfect seats, right in the middle of the theater. hyped. krish caught up with me and took her seat. we're both excited as hell and it seems like the cards are all working in our favor -- she's excited to see clifford harris and i'm excited to see the story of frank lucas unfold on the big screen.

*cue crickets

the fuckn' movie sucked. sorry. this movie was made for white america. what the fuck do i care about richie roberts?! the movie opened strong -- before the credits even came up... so, krish and i were like, "hell yeah!!!" but, after that it was like dragging a dead body up a project tower -- slow!!! where's the action? where's the cool drug trafficking montages?! why am i watching russel crowe in court fighting for custody of his son -- who gives a fuck?! ridley scott -- fuck you! with such a great cast working the harlem side, i'm upset. so, to all my homeboys, buy the bootleg at sante alley.

but you know what? i'm glad this movie sucks. if this movie was better than malcolm x (which it ain't) that wouldn't sit well with me. why the fuck do we idolize frank lucas anyway? because he flew to saigon to buy heroin? because he came from nothing and turned himself into the biggest heroin trafficker in new york? he killed a lot of his own people! a lot! with the biggest voice in the world today, we, as the hip hop generation, have decided to make albums based on the lives of these people... we've taken the names of italian mobsters, we put pimps in our videos and we treat the mothers of our people like cigarette butts on the street. why? jay-z can make any kind of record he wants. he can make a record about elmo and muthuhfuckuhs will buy it -- what does he do? jumps back in the studio after watching this weak ass movie!!! inspired by frank lucas. would he have done the same if they did a noteworthy movie on bobby seale? or assata shakur? probably not. let's stop glorifying those figures in our history and in our present who get rich over the graves of our own. c'mon, hip hop generation, wake up...


Da Truf said...

Headache movie, for real.

All I could think about was a super-large White Cherry Icee. Yum.

And T.I. has been hyping the shit since last year, and was only in it for 6 minutes.


steph said...

alright. now that i read your review, i kinda agree... i was uneasy about the fact that i was sympathizing with this frank lucas character, who did fuck over a lot of his people...

but i STILL think it's a pretty damn good story.

this is bubz by the way :)

AKIM said...

horrible accent too. sounding like the gladiator and shit.

Nina Parks said...

So Me and My Mans went to watch it on Saturday night and we had similar complaints. The cast was amazing but the movie sucked. And I like cousin Krish was juiced bout the opening scene I was like dang this movie is going to be gangster. BUT... left with a different perception. And since my current blog is for photos and not personal my personal insites I 'll leave them on your guys's pages.

Nina Parks Says: The movie "American Gangster" was about a corrupt police force the real amarican gangsters. Frank Lucus wasn't a character to be idolized because like Bam said he was poisoning his community more than he was contributing to it. Even if he handed out turkeys during the holidays. The point was that drug dealler get their just deserts. And in the end they are alone with no empire and no family because no one can respect the consequences of drug use. Yet we are in awe of the quick rags to riches come up. So that we can obtain a peice of the proverbial American pie. I think we all feel disappointed because we wanted to see Scarface and instead recieved a dose of reality, so to speak.

And T.I did a coo' job even if he was only in it for like 2 min in 3 scenes. He played a great country boy his acting was on point. But when he switched professions it got cheesy

Marion Delgado said...

it's all about the money, in the end.

that's the sewer every american lives in.

this is well-written.