November 24, 2007


so, we're in the last stretch of this pregnancy... only a few weeks until we (krish and i) need to be on alert -- labor condition red, if you will. i'm beyond the nervousness and the excitement, and i'm now in the full-blown anxiousness phase.

anyway, the question i get the most in regard to this journey is, "...does she have any cravings?"

yes, she's been craving the scent of pine-sol. what the fuck?! i've caught her holding the bottle up to her nose, with her eyes closed as though she had been whisked away to her "happy place," inhaling the "sweet" chemical smell of a pine forest. i don't get it, but, i have no choice -- so i accept it. i clean the house with ridiculously large amounts of undiluted pine-sol, just so the mother of my son can enjoy her pine-fresh utopia.

she's also been craving...

well, not exactly.

ice cubes. cups full of ice. she's been craving the crunch of ice between her teeth. this craving is actually pretty cute. we'll sit down at a restaurant and she'll order a "large cup of ice."

that's it. no pickle shavings over vanilla ice cream -- i got pine-sol and ice cubes.

oh, and before i go, i need to give a long overdue THANK YOU to all of you who made the time to come celebrate my son's baby shower in los angeles. it meant so much to have my friends come out and spread well-wishes to my unborn son. i thank you all. we're working on "thank you" notes, but since we sent out an evite, we might not have your mailing addresses. i also need to send a very special THANK YOU to the Godmother of my son, Kahlil for putting together and overseeing the success of the baby shower. you always come through for me, and i know that you will love and care for my son with unwavering vigilance (you like that?)!!! kat carrido, i chose you to be the godmother of my son, before i knew i was going to be a father. i love you!!!


Faith said...

The ice craving is often a sign of an iron deficiency. This craving is called "pica." Other cravings besides ice identified as pica cravings are things like dirt or ashes. I craved detergent and ice. And not the liquid kind, but the grainy crunchy powdered stuff. Maybe that's why she likes pine sol?

I also have a very logical explanation for the pickles and ice cream craving if you ever wanna hear it sometime.

Bambu said...

...oh shit!

well, the bonus is that she loves to clean my shoes! yay!