November 14, 2007


growing up during the late 1980's and into the early 90's, skateboarding was a subculture that i couldn't get away from. it didn't matter what neighborhood you were from or what crowd you hung around, skateboarding was cool. i found out very early that i had real talent in this field. of all my friends growing up, i seem to be the only one who picked this sport up. while all my friends traded in their boards for shanks and pistols, i decided to really take this thing on. i had to do some dirt to get by and get money to be able to purchase boards, but it was worth it. i would travel from my little pocket in los angeles via bus to cities that people with cars think are too far to drive to -- just to skate. anyway, this ain't about me -- this about a skater named christian hosoi.

in all honesty, i wasn't a huge fan of vert skating, because we didn't have access to them. i was a huge ray barbee fan. i loved mike vallely's style. i thought tommy guerrero and natas kaupas were gods on the boards. but, when asked about vert skating, i would always throw up christian hosoi. i actually became pretty well known for my ability to pull off a "christ air" when i hit the launch ramp. he was much smoother than tony hawk...

tragically, with the hibernation of skateboarding in the mid-90's, christian hosoi and the rat pack of skaters that ran with him found themselves in financial troubles. make a long story short, christian hosoi was found trying to smuggle "ice" from hawaii and into california. he ended up doing a 5-year bid in san bernadino.

but, he's out now and back on the board. welcome home, christian.

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