November 29, 2007


so, this penis enlargement company has found a way to bypass my spam blocker and they've been dropping emails on me left and right. i'm sure, as with every american company, they outsource this kind of job because they grammar in these emails is poor.

maybe i have a small penis and they genuinely just want to help me. if that be the case, thank you mega-dik, but i can't afford the pills right now.

here are some of my favorite subject tags for their emails:

"Dreaming of having a big dik? In New Year your dream will come true!"

"Impress your woman in a new year with your new male package!"

"Girls don't like to get laid by baby dic'ks..."

"Guys with tiny pen!ses truly lack manhood!"

"Massive Christmas discounts for more massive pen!ses!"

"Show that you're a real man deserving a real phallus!"

"Make your trouser python huge and rock hard!"

"Make your boner something she won't tear her eyes from"

"Hot babes turn up their noses at small dic'ks"

"We are here for you and your penis!"

"Have you ever felt a kiss of a womb? With your new big rod you'll feel it!"

(what the fuck does that mean?!)

"Make your boner something you could really be proud of!"

"Wish you had a rod like those black bros?"

So, if anyone is looking to get me a christmas present...

1 comment:

Da Truf said...


I guess Santa really DID read all those wish lists I've been sending!


(just kidding, babe)