November 30, 2007

...rodney the king...

dear rodney,

how are you? i hope all is well with you and that this reaches you in high spirits. i heard through the grapevine recently that you had been shot in the face -- i'm sorry to hear about that. i'm glad to hear that they are not life threatening and that you'll be back on your bike in no time. knowing you, you'll be your same cheery, drunken self again sooner than soon!

there's been something i've been wanting to tell you for quiet some time now, but i just didn't know how to say it. since i can remember you've been in my life and you've been responsible for one of the most life changing moments in history for me... but, with all that aside, i have to suck it up and just be straight up with you...

rodney, please, sit the fuck down. go find a nice spot on your couch, and stick your ass on it. stop fucking around. please.

i remember the first time i saw you, i was 14 years old. i remember this, because around the same time, my best friend conrad had just gotten his ass drug around and beat by the police too. we watched you get fucked up on that dark evening. we sat around the television and said, "damn, somebody caught that on tape, dog?!" yup. our first encounter. i had your back, homie! i defended you when kids at school started regurgitating the bullshit that they'd heard from their parents.

"rodney king, deserved to get beat up by the police. he was endangering the public! he was high on drugs."

"they had to use necessary force. they felt that their lives were in danger!"

fuck that. i defended you. then when the riots popped off after they let those pigs off scott-free, i went out, broke some windows and stole some shit! you were the vehicle for which some change was to happen. you showed white america that we weren't kidding about the police. they really loved to beat the shit out of us...

but then, not a year later, you got caught with a hooker and some prescription narcotics (not prescribed to you). it got a little tiny blurb on the evening news, and then it was gone. everyone forgot about it. then in 1999, you beat up your wife. they let you off, because they had whooped your ass already, and putting you away would only anger our community. then in 2001, you got snipped again and had to do some drug treatment. all under the radar of the media. again, in 2003, you were speeding, drunk, running red lights and trying to run from the cops. they slapped you on the hand (at this point, your "get out of jail free" cards are starting to run low) and you went back home.

at this point, it might have been in your, and OUR best interest if you just sat down. you could've bought an xbox 360, popped in the madden '04 and just chilled the fuck out!

people got out on the front lines for you, rodney. we've been trying to paint a picture of police brutality for years, and every baton that struck your head was like an, "i told you so!" for decades, police have been beating innocent black and brown men and women, for no reason. "tax-paying" civilians. no high-speed chases on drugs -- just innocent old men/women walking home from their second job, getting stopped, and being assaulted. this is what you represented for us.

yesterday, while riding your bike, drunk, you got shot in the face! what the fuck?!

sit down, rodney.


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