December 4, 2007

...spice 1 - get well soon...

Did things up in the past that I regret at 22
And when I hit 23 I hope I'm livin well as you
Its good to be alive in 93 I guess that so
But if I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go
I guess I'm just a soldier with a song out of the streets black
Stressin of that chronic sack but I feel death is knockin at my bed
Sleep walkin with my pistol in the middle of the night
Wakin up inside my hooptie holdin my glock full of fright
Violent in this art thats only because its comin from a G to the heart
Got friends that have died and I mourn for their families
Bringin flowers to dey graves everytime I get a chance G
Nuthin like a old school homie from the hood
Which are right or wrong doin dirt doin good
And now I know inside I'll never see my boy again
I fie myself always pour brew out fo my friends

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