December 7, 2007

here's an interesting guy.

here's a not-so-interesting guy.

the hulk. bruce banner. for all of you who don't know, bruce banner was a mild mannered physicist who got blasted by a gamma bomb he was messing with and got his dna all hosed up. now, triggered by anger, he transforms into this guy:

here's a guy who suppressed a lot of anger and angst in his youth and into his adult life. i mean, the guy is a lab rat -- so, you can imagine what kind of shit he went through growing up... now when he gets fucked with, he turns into this giant green monster. bruce banner's quest is to find a formula to supress this, so he can just be normal. luckily, in the comic books, the folks who fuck with bruce banner are all evil monsters and/or criminals, which makes him a superhero by default.

i feel bad for bruce. because in the majority of comics in his storyline (the true storyline), there's nobody there to help him. he has to do this all on his own. so, let's say he starts making some headway with his formula and he fucks up a little and gets pissed, BANG, he's a monster again. poor guy.

but, you know what, in the big scheme of things, someone just needs to listen to this guy. be his friend. talk to him. help him become a happier person, so he's not so quick to flip out. no one has been willing to do that. everyone wants to run from him when he goes green. i don't blame them though, he's scary.

the hulk is destine to walk the world alone. poor guy.

i'm writing a song called "crank dat (incredible hulk)" -- holler.

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