December 12, 2007

...i want to fight this guy...

krish and i have a little inside "joke" when we see mismatched couples like this. we yell out, "mail order!"

yeah, we think it's funny -- but, we also know how serious it is. we went to a gabnet show earlier in the year called, "export quality," and i wrote about 14 songs about it afterward. it really brought back memories of being in okinawa during my years in the "service," and seeing white servicemen going ape-shit over pinays who were working the bars in japan. spending entire paychecks to sit down and drink with them. coming back to the barracks drunk, laughing about the handjob they just got from some young pinay. hiding pinays in the trunk of their cars to sneak them on base and pass them around to other marines in the barracks. fucked me up, but also made me who i am today. i've witnessed the abuse first hand. my service record reflects my reactions to these acts -- i've been in numerous fights because of it. luckily, on 3 occasions, my discplinary actions came at the hands of pilipino non-commissioned officers, so they let me off EASY! point is, sex-trafficking is a very serious issue that we, as pilipinos need to deal with, address and fight against.

i want to fight that guy!


AKIM said...

there are only a few things i find more infuriating than the issue you just addressed buddy. right on.

trtskh said...

and these white dudes would walk around like they own the young Asian woman. Happens all the time in my motherland (Indonesia) too.