December 26, 2007

...kahlil bayani...

today is kahlil's 9th day on earth. during the pregnancy, i wondered how much having him around would affect me...

i'm done. smitten. this little man makes everything in the world seem so much smaller, yet so much bigger. does that make sense? here, let me break it down:

some idiot scuffing my new jordans and not apologizing = smaller
military recruitment doubling their budget = bigger
old beefs with old friends = smaller
global warming = bigger
getting cut off by some dickhead in a porsche = smaller
chris stokes possibly molesting members of b2k = bigger
money = smaller
money = bigger

so, go ahead and scuff my kicks. if you and i had a falling out back in the day over some dumb shit, call me, let's have lunch. if you drive a porsche, or any other high-end euro sports car, safely cut me off -- don't worry about signaling, it's cool. i got this tiny version of me sleeping next to his beautiful mother, and he's the only thing i can think about. i took a quick drive last night to 7-11 (which is only about 4 blocks away), and i couldn't wait to get home to this little guy!

with all that being said, i want to bid farewell to a few things:

goodbye late night runs to jack in the box.
goodbye dub club
goodbye hennessey bottles to the head
goodbye old english bottles to the head
goodbye parliament cigarettes
goodbye little .380 under the passenger seat
goodbye excuses
goodbye action figure collection

kahlil is the best body of work i've ever created!

krish is the only woman i ever need. best momma ever!!!


Da Truf said...


Bambu = best poppa ever


damn pops. wish i could bottle ya exaltation and slang it to make a million or take some my damn self. you sound like the happiest most proud father i've ever heard talk. There is not a shred of uncertainty that Kalil is the absolute best thing that's happend on planet earth. i share ya happiness and envy you at the same time meng. congrads.

Narinda said...

Congratulations, he's gorgeous.

Blogger said...

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