December 12, 2007

...pilipino superstitions...

i was researching superstitions from the old country, and i came across some really bizarre shit. a lot of the superstitions have to do with katholicism and/or sex. as i found and dug deeper into these superstitions, i found myself being shot back in memory to my grandmother reciting these phrases to me as a young boy. this is why i'm crazy...

if you are pregnant, you cannot attend a baptism of another baby or your child and the other will become rivals.

well, luckily, krish and i have no friends baptising their child anytime soon.

if you have sex on Good Friday, you will never be able to extract your penis, remaining joined until you die.

when's good friday? i want to try this!

if you are a virgin, don't sing while cooking or you will marry an old man.

do i even know any virgins who can sing?

if you eat bananas when pregnant, you will have twins.

krish ate bananas! unless kahlil's brother is hiding behind him in the ultrasounds, i think this one is bullshit!

if you see a monkey when pregnant, your child will be wild. seeing or hearing about any animal will make your child resemble that animal.

uh oh! krish and i make frequent trips to the mall to look at the incarcerated dogs! is my son going to be a chihuaha or a pugle?!

pink eye can be cured with breast milk or with the first urine in the morning.

i'll get back to ya'll on this one! let me get pink eye first! maybe someone can fart on my pillow... bare ass (see "knocked up" the movie).

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Da Truf said...

Uh oh.

I just went to a baptism, eating a banana, with my pet monkey in tow!

What'll happen to me now?!

Crazy Filipinos...

(And don't you dare think I'm squirting my son with any body fluid in the eye. Some people can carry on that childhood trauma for life!)