December 7, 2007

...speed racer...

maybe i'm just doing too much on this one. speed racer, or machgogogo, is a classic japanese cartoon from the 60's. japanese as hell.

speed racer the movie. one asian guy (there's probably more, but, they're in the back).

listen, if you're going to shit on the origins of the classic, go all the way. don't acknowledge that it's asian by throwing in one asian guy (with blonde hair). fuckers. i'm buying this one at sante alley -- $5.

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ninoybrown said...

Thing with "Speed Racer", most of the characters in the cartoon were already White, especially the "good" characters from Speed Racer and the rest of his crew to Racer X. So you can't really blame the producers for that, its basically a from deeper western influence taken by many Japanese anime creators, including Tatsuo Yoshida, and an internalized possessive investment in whiteness. Shit, I just put my nerdiness on blast. But ever since I first caught the show when MTV aired episodes right before "Beavis and Butt Head" in the mornings while I'd get ready for school, I was hooked.