January 10, 2008

...late in 0-8...

what's up y'all?!

so, this is the first blog entry of 2008. don't really have much to talk about as of right now. my life as of recent has been changing diapers, staring at my newborn, carrying my newborn and reading as much material as i can absorb on the topic of raising a healthy baby.

the plans for 2008 are pretty simple, and we've got a great start. don't expect to see me doing too many live shows in los angeles or the bay this year. i plan on concentrating show efforts out of state -- starting with tomorrow in the northwest with the homies, gabriel teodros and khingz of ab creole. the plan is to do 2 really big shows in los angeles and 2 really big shows in the bay... that's it! i'll continue to hit up the colleges and maybe a few festivals in the area, but i really want to spend 2008 putting out product. i've been writing some pretty good material lately, and i want to capitalize on this writing streak. here is the plan for projects that you'll see from me this year:

1. cadillac rebellion: this is a joint venture with one of my favorite emcees, do d.a.t. of oakland. we're close to complete and so far the music is very solid.

2. thirty-eight revolver volume 2 mixtape: with a better man behind the scenes on this one, dj phatrick, this mixtape promises to be better than it's predecessor. dj phatrick slung me a whole beat cd, and i'm ready to hit the studio with it.

3. ...exact change...: the third solo album. i originally planned this album to drop before the summer, but i might hold off until the summer or fall -- even though the album is completely written and most of the material's been recorded.

4. fobb deep mini-album: this will be a project that the good people over at fobbdeep.com, myself and dj steez from houston are in the beginning stages of.

5. the gun show dvd: tad nakamura, who created the powerful documentary, pilgrimage, has already put together a quick preview of what is to come with this official bambu dvd. this will be a great piece to close out the year!

well, like i said earlier, the year is starting out great. i'm currently the myspace featured artist for this week. i'm in the bay for the month of january, and that should really help in completing a few record projects. tomorrow, phatty and i leave for the northwest to catch up with friends and try to put on some really good shows.

as far as life is concerned, 2008 is going to revolve around my newborn and his beautiful momma! fuck rich, let's get wealthy...

thank you to everyone who made 2007 such a successful year for me -- especially dj phatrick, paloma belara, kat carrido, asi friedman, obatron, los angeles, san francisco and oakland!

til' we free: bambu

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