February 24, 2008

...by kenard -- for real?!

WARNING: if you follow hbo's the wire, don't read the rest of this post unless you saw tonight's episode. you've been warned.

my dude! what a way to go! i have to say, i'm disappointed in the way my man was taken out. all the dirt he went through, the name he built, the excitement he brought to the series... to get taken out by a little boy -- c'mon!

anyway, my prediction for the ending of the wire was thwarted tonight, because my prediction ended with omar little smoking a newport, waiting to hop a plane back to the islands!

so, here's the new one:

the code is deciphered by the special crimes unit and the real hunt begins. mcnulty doesn't even get to enjoy this chase, because he's too busy working around the clock to keep his lie (and career) afloat.

chris gets served that warrant and is arrested for michael's pop's murder. for some reason, marlo doesn't think chris can handle that stretch, so he sends snoop to off her longtime running mate. chris senses this somehow and convinces michael to roll with him in an attempt to knock marlo out first.

chris succeeds in taking out marlo, monk, cheese and snoop. chris and michael decide to take the operation over with the help of avon barksdale.

kenard becomes the new omar little and starts sticking up the local drug dealers.

poot starts stealing shoes from his workplace and starts an online shoe store where he sells the stolen goods.

mcnulty gets away. done.

"bam, what about the politicians and clay davis?"

since when have y'all known me to give a fuck about them?!

best show on television...


AKIM said...

gaaawd damn! i didn't know you were giving the hbo on demand update!

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