February 29, 2008

...my week (february 24-29, 2008)...

i drove back home with my little sister, paola on friday, right after a great show in san jose. the ako fraternity there really organized a great show and i'm very thankful for their help with getting me up there. the show was great. rex navarette headlined with me and roscoe jumping on the stage right before. roscoe brought out rae and nump trump to help him out... high energy! really dope.

so, there's this video circulating that captures nump trump talking bad about my beloved city... i hadn't seen the video til' recently, but i had heard it was about 2 years old. i think it re-emerged on to the internet with the help of youtube and some blogs and since then i've been receiving numerous emails like, "yo, who is this muthuhfuckuh? when's his next show in l.a., so we can ride on this fool?" or "fuck this dude, let's jump him!" i understand why i was getting these texts and emails, and i'm down with all my brothers in the l dot a dot, but i had to get my grown man on with this one.

now, this puts me in a weird spot -- for a number of reasons, but mainly because i actually know nump. so, instead of talking about the incident on a song, or writing a blog about it, i did what i felt a man should do when he feels offended from another's actions -- i stepped to him. straight up. one on one. no big posse's of people. nothing crazy -- just caught him at the san jose show and said, "yo, we need to talk..."

nump trump is a wild dude. when you see homeboy on his record covers, on the internet, in his videos, he's out there. really loud, really hyphy, just super over the top sometimes. i get it. i understand this brother. but when he understood the severity of what i wanted to get at him about, he turned all that off and really let me question his actions and express to him how upset my fellow angelinos were with this video.

he broke it down for me, and i understood. he didn't back down, he didn't cop out and he didn't lie to me -- he told me his side of the story like a brother should. here's the story, from nump trump's mouth:

the video came out about 2 years ago, immediately following a run-in nump had in los angeles where he was jumped by some local cats. he was pretty badly hurt and had some really ill feelings at the time. he just had a bad l.a. experience. well, at the time, his single was blazing the radio and so, naturally, the cameras were always on him. that's how this footage was caught... in the video it's pretty plain to see that your boy was "on one," and he was just throwing it all out. he did not excuse his actions or words and he apologized profusely for it -- all over the internet, publicly, and even coming out to l.a. on a few occasions to build with folks out here. we built on it more and my conclusion is this -- we all make mistakes, we all do or say shit we don't mean, but not everyone has to live with the shit on tape. i'm sure if you hit nump up, like a man/woman, he would apologize for any offense you may have taken from the video. i'm sure of it. we all grow. it's a process. being a good organizer means to be genuinely understanding of an individual's process. still working on the misogyny with the brother, but i got sisters (what's up, micah) to check that -- i'll just help out! forward.

the weekend was cool. i took my beautiful krish and my sister to get their mani/pedi over on melrose. i took the opportunity to walk the strip with my son. i thought about all the old stores that i grew up running in and out of, the hip hop shop, beat non stop, atomic garage, etc. now that i think about it, it was just a weekend of great meals with my family. manna in koreatown, lala's on melrose, and home snacking!!!

the week started well...

my son went to see the doctor on wednesday and had to get some shots. he took it well, and i think his mother and i were more stressed about it than he was. we hopped back in the car and everything seemed cool. i got them home, and they laid out to take a nap.

i raced out to apl's crib to do some writing for the upcoming apl album (which is sounding pretty solid). now, remember, i'm up in the crib with a grammy winning artist, in the zone, writing feverishly in my second tongue -- then the phone call comes. all i hear on the other end is my screaming son. i can hear his mom very calmly telling me that the baby's leg is a little red and he looks like he's in pain. i tried my best to shield my worry from apl and replay, and i just continued to jot some words down in the laptop. i get another call, this time she seems a little more panicky, but still manages to maintain a calmness in her voice. cool. let me just knock this out and bounce.

i jump in the booth and lay some things down... as soon as i step out, and get reception on my phone, i see that i have 3 voice mails and a gang of missed calls. i tell apl and replay that i gotta' bounce -- and i was in the wind!

i get home to the saddest sight my eyes have seen -- and i've seen some shit. my little baby screaming in pain. his little tongue shivering. his head was dripping with sweat. his little thigh was plump and slightly pink... and all i could do was hold him. sigh. never had this kind of a feeling before. my little boy. this is another "dad moment" -- all my dad's in the house make some noise if you know what i'm talking about. he's better now... his mother is the shit!

sorry, asi for canceling our recording session...

thursday, we had dinner with my son's godmother, kat and our friend peter graham (he shot too short's last album cover). pizza and pasta -- oh, and the wire on demand! yee! little malcolm and kaya were in the house to keep the child-theme consistent!!! great company, good food and a house full of babies (including me)!!!

it's friday. i got a few things popping off. i'll be on divine forces radio tonight. tomorrow i'm packing in a recording session with dj revolution for his upcoming album, going to my homegirl (and phat's one and only) stephanie's birthday "seafood potluck," then i'm going to try and spend sunday rehearsing for the coming shows...

ummm... that's it.

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