February 25, 2008


i really like this joint. i've never met these cats, but i'd love to work with them. from the looks of this video, the separation is about 1-degree away. i think my homegirl daya's sister is in it, by boy rhettmatic is in there, my man dj kahlil's in the video, and the homies at diamond supply company are all up in it too. word up. keep an eye out for these dudes.

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wes.gee said...

i first heard of these cats from this entry you posted of their video...
and daymn...this track IS bumpin!!!
i been checkin' out some of their other stuff, and i'm sweatin' it.

i always get souped when i hear some good shit comin out of this area!
(LA-calif-west coast-etc)
...gives me the opportunity to catch alotta LA-area artists liiiiive!

f.a.t. boy slash that PAC boy!