February 2, 2008

...this is harder than i thought...

...when kahlil (my son) was growing in his mother's belly, i used to map out in my head how touring was going to play out once he arrived. i knew it would be hard -- but, i had no idea.

i woke him up at about 9pm tonight while he took a little nap with his mom, and i showered him with kisses... i hate being away from his mother and his little face! his mom is everything to me -- she is truly a soldier, and my greatest supporter! i couldn't continue this without her.

in case you're wondering, i'm sitting here in pittsburgh on a layover to st. louis (and i'm missing my family)...

okay, i'm just blogging for no reason now... wait, this is called bambu rants -- i can do this!!!

i'm revisiting john legend's first album, dissecting jay-z's new leak, "ain't i," and enjoying some new beats from dj kahlil!!!

well, my plane is getting ready to board. i'll see y'all in a minute. g'head!

1 comment:

Da Truf said...

We miss you too, poppa!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Muah. Kisses from me and your mini-me.