March 7, 2008

...homicide report...

i like to read the los angeles times online as part of my morning routine. i read stories with taglines that catch my eye and flip on over to see how my lakers are doing.

at the end of my reading, i then click over to the homocide report. i cringe as it loads up, like a scary movie (you know, the part where someone is walking through the dark house, and you just know the monster's about to spring out and do something), hoping that when the first report pops on, it isn't someone i know. that hasn't happened yet, and i'm hoping it never does -- but regardless, it still saddens me to see the faces of the victims. i wonder if i'd walked by them in the mall or ran across them at a party. i just wish folks really understood how delicate life is, man.

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we rap about murdering on songs like it's easy. it almost offends me to hear rappers talk about the ease in which they would murder another young person over nothing more than words.

i feel like an old man... "back in my day, kids used to put up their dukes!" well, that would be a lie, because my generation is responsible for the increase in gunplay.

are we chicken shits? are we scared to get a couple of lumps on our faces? would we really rather take someone completely off the face of the earth because we don't "like" them? i mean, don't get me wrong, there's a reason for everything. if someone tried to do serious harm to my family, i would cut 'em up and have a bowl of cereal afterwards... a crooked cop who abuses his power by preying on innocent folks in the community -- pop, pop!!!

anyway, i'm ranting. stop the violence now. los angeles unite!

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