March 10, 2008's over...

at 6pm last night, i gathered around my television with my best friend, kat and my partner, krish. my son swung in his swing. as that hbo logo popped up with the static noise, i hushed everyone and we watched.

loved it.

i admit, i was a bit disappointed with the 5th season, but i get it. being that i've been a fan since day one, i dissected every scene, every piece of dialog and every facial expression.

my favorite scene though, has to be when chris walks across the yard and posts up with webay! that shit was ill!

thank you for keeping us entertained!

okay, back to writing my screenplay for the pinoy/pinay version of the wire. i'm calling it, the phils.

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felinefoureleven said...

the phils. now let's make sure showtime don't steal your idea again!

your previous post. ugh. how sad that it's not fiction.

i'm sad for dukie =(

my godson is the best lil trooper in the whole wide universe!!!