March 17, 2008 turf...

got into san francisco at around 9pm on friday night. rushed over to the memory-filled brazil/madrid house in the excelsior district of the city for a photo shoot with kirstina sangsahachart! the shoot was for oh dang! magazine! i'll keep y'all posted!

the next morning it was off to vallejo for a recording session with the bay-famous, six fingers! knocked out a joint for the new album!

later that evening, i made the trek back down to the city for this:

i watched this fight with de leon clan and some friends, including the super fobb himself, ninoy brown!

sunday was family day! drove out to half moon bay for some seafood! great food, great drive and it's always great to breath easy with family...

later that night, i shot out to oakland and met up with one of my favorite emcees, do dat, to work on, what we're calling for the moment, the cadillac rebellion album. we're almost done! dat is truly an inspiration! i always say, why collab with anyone if they don't push you or make you step up?! dat definitely does that!!!

all in all, being with my son and fiance up in the bay is a welcomed escape from the smog and diesel smell of my beloved city of angels! i understand why krish loves it so much!

great weekend!

p.s. don't forget to check out my homegirl steph's new blog! (see the side panel, fool!)

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