April 14, 2008

...catalog check: the roots...

album: organix
favorite record: good music
best line: "i rip the vocal backflip yo the kid is a bad bro,
i can drip it hipper than dip into calyp-so
a-dios, amigo, which means i gots ta G-O"

best feature: shorty no mas
overall bambu rating: 2.5/5

album: do you want more?!!!??!
favorite record: silent treatment
best line: "come out my humble go berzerk and make you swallow your smirk"
best feature: dice raw
overall bambu rating: 4/5

album: illadelph halflife
favorite record: push up ya lighter
best line: (the whole first verse of 'what they do')
best feature: common
overall bambu rating: 3.5/5

album: things fall apart
favorite record: dynamite
best line: "i stop fools and drop jewels but never run it,
rock mics so nice I make your stock price plummet"

best feature: ursula rucker
overall bambu rating: 4.5/5

album: phrenology
favorite record: pussy galore
best line: "clap for you freedom dog, that's what's happening,
my spit take critical political action"

best feature: jill scott
overall bambu rating: 2/5

album: the tipping point
favorite record: somebody's got to do it
best line: "give it here geffen records, I'm off the handle,
cut the check, and yo it better be as heavy as anvil"

best feature: devin the dude
overall bambu rating: 3/5

album: game theory
favorite record: clock with no hands
best line: "i had nothin but I made somethin outta that,
now i'm the first out the limo like charlie mack"

best feature: dilla
overall bambu rating: 3/5

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AKIM said...

that b. siegel feature on adrenaline was kinda filthy too...