April 17, 2008

...heart of the city tour...

yesterday, phatty, steph, krish and i rolled out to see mary and jay on the heart of the city tour's stop in los angeles!

the night started with a slow shuffle toward the security check -- very reminiscent of cattle being lead into their pens. once i got to the security guy (who was sweating profusely) i began to receive the groping of a lifetime. this dude squeezed both my ass cheeks, as though to make sure they weren't filled with bullets. very odd.

we got up to our seats just in time to see the dream do his song, falsetto -- his last song.

after a brief intermission, the lights did their flicker and the crowd went stupid. the video intro played on the big screen and we were on our way. after the video, silhouettes of jay throwing the diamond up and mary in a b-girl pose flashed. boom -- can't knock the hustle opens the show, before jay exits stage left to make way for ms. blige's set.

steph and krish danced to the entire first half of mary's set and i think they forgot phatty and i were sitting right behind them -- because they acted out all the "he ain't no good for you, girl" songs! but, phatty and i didn't care, we were getting ourselves ready for hovie, baby!

jay came back on one more time to do one more cameo during mary's set.

mary's set ended and phat and i were at attention... on our feet ready to throw up the roc! sure enough, jay hit the stage with "say hello" introducing him as he made his way down the steps and on to the stage!

i enjoyed his set. my favorites were "no hook," "roc boys," and the segment of the show where he stands next to my man, neil armstrong and plays selections from his catalog of hits.

unfortunately, they didn't allow cameras in the venue, so, i only have a few wack ass cellphone shots. so, i'll leave you with this video:

big thank you to steph for hooking up the tickets. also, in attendance, but not enjoying the show with the unofficial roc boys (phat and bam) were ree, daniel, chris cruz, kat and a whole group of women i saw by the bathroom that i used to go to high school with (let's just say, not much has changed)!

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wes.gee said...

oh daymn, man...

i'mma go see him tomorrow night at the Irvine Meadows Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre...

i'm effin' soupeD!!!!!
imma wyle out.