April 17, 2008

...ralph bakshi...

some of y'all may not know this, but i really enjoy animation. i'm quiet the historian when it comes to all things animated. y'all might not know that i enjoy clothes too! my family was poor growing up, so i allow myself the moderate luxury of enjoying cool clothes -- but, don't get me wrong, i wouldn't spend more than $10 on a shirt. if y'all see me rocking some expensive shit, i'm probably in business with them cats! anyway, the point is, i was looking at some of the spring/summer stuff on the supreme website and i came across this shirt that showcased the art of ralph bakshi.

ralph bakshi did some notable work in the 80's and early 90's. google the guy, you'll see. along with his accolades, he's received criticism for his style of art and his very bizarre way of drawing people of color. i personally don't like his shit! i think he takes that shit too far with his big-lipped-dumb-dumb looking characters of color. so, fuck him. i just wanted to start a dialogue about the muthuhfuckuh, and hope not to see any of my folks rockin' this stupid shit!

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