May 6, 2008

...iron man...

krish and i haven't been to the movies since december of 2007. we went to see fred claus, starring vince vaughn -- looking back, i'm sure the horrific-nature of the film induced krish's labor. having a newborn changes everything (as i'm sure you all can imagine -- and some of you have experienced). we no longer have the ability to get dressed and go to a movie on a whim. everything has to be calculated, scheduled and executed with precision! so, when krish and i decided to go see iron man, everything had to fall into place -- and it did!!!

got dressed (we would've left earlier but someone had to watch the hills until it ended), got the baby ready, dropped the baby off at grandma's, bought the tickets online, grabbed a quick dinner (jack in the crack), grabbed some sodas and a popcorn, sat down, and waited...

the previews were all off the hook. the new indiana jones movie, the love guru and the dark knight! can't wait to have more movie nights with the misses. then, the movie started!

from beginning to end this movie kept my attention. i loved it. i fought hard not to jump on the afghanistan back drop of civil war and mass murder, but the balance showing american corporations being behind it all made it a little easier to swallow! robert downey, baby wipes, jeff bridges and pepper were all perfect choices for the film.

great "first movie of 2008" to watch. but, as always, at the end of the movie we rushed out of there, because we both missed our little iron man waiting at his grandma's house for us.

i later found out that there was a secret scene at the end of the movie that i missed! argh!!!

well, at least krish got these pictures from the lobby of the arclight on our way out! pretty cool. it's the actual suit that downey wore. thanks, momma!

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ninoybrown said...

One more reason to enjoy the movie: Matthew Libatique, a Pinoy brother, was the director of photography.