May 20, 2008

...ka bel...

Kabataang maka-Bayan USA (KmB Pro-People Youth) mourns the loss of Congressman and mass leader Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran.

Crispin Beltran's life concluded the same way he lived it, working. 75-year-old Mass Leader Ka Bel contributed his existence to the belief that the interest of the working class is in the benefit of the Filipino people as whole towards true liberation and democracy.

A man who lived like those he represented, with calloused hands and sun bronzed skin, this son of sweat and toiling masses cannot be replaced. Words will never express the true magnitude of the loss of Ka Bel to the people he loved and fought for. Even under the confines of a hospital bed with watchful guards, Ka Bel would not be silenced or ignored, as he challenged the ineptitude and ineffectiveness of the US-Gloria Macapagal-Aroyo administration.

But this is not a charged political statement. The way Ka Bel lived his life is one superb statement. As he has challenged traditional politics with an approach that has drawn the scorn of his oppressors/adversaries and the love of those he humbly served.

Ka Bel's passing is felt by all sectors of the people. A grandfather figure to the youth and students, who from example and experience, has shown us how to conduct ourselves in the face of brutal business. That the so-called "blue-collar", no-collar, sweat drenched shirt is something undeniably worth respecting. As it is the foundation of any society, the fight for the proletariat is absolutely imperative not only for the individual wage earner, but their family and the society as a whole. Our hearts ache at the loss. Our eyes swell with the memories of a humble smile and raised clenched fist.

A true leader draws the best from those they lead, unselfishly advances their forces' interests, and helps builds a structure that allows for genuine liberation.

A Rebel turned House Representative but forever a Revolutionary.

A leader now a Legend.

The loss of Ka Bel weighs more than a mountain.

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