May 28, 2008 day weekend...

...remember ka bel! ORGANIZE!

got into the bay on saturday morning -- the night before was spent at luezinger high school's pcn! great job y'all! loved my introduction... aaaawwwkward! ha! the bay was unusually sunny when i arrived and the air was as clean as it always is. as soon as we got in, we rushed to catch my godson's christening ceremony, but were too late. we barely caught the tail end of the after-lunch in daly city. saw some of my soma homies at the spot and quickly got to chop it up. saw golda and the homie e from the full blown soul fam... haven't seen them in a hot minute... brought back some good memories. later than night, i shot out to visit the homie illmind who was in town for a show at dna lounge. got a beat cd from him and chopped it up! so, yes, it's official, i got a illmind joint on the album. this will probably be the last beat i pick for the project. big swollen shout out to the homie illmind for that nod and what's up to the homie mush! sorry about your car window, brother!

topped the night off with some indiana jones and the kingdom of "did he really just say that shit?!" with phat, steph, dat, josh, bo, sierra, leah and krish. i got two big ass buckets of kettle corn and tried my best to enjoy the movie. bam's thoughts (caution, there's a spoiler in there, so skip down after the italicized text):

yes, i'm in the movie. yes, i've been a fan of the indiana jones series since i was a child. no, i did not think this movie was that good. i understand the "campiness" of an indiana jones movie, but gotdamnit -- this shit was overboard. george lucas did this movie the same way he did the star wars prequels -- he fucked them up. i signed on as a stuntman (and you can see that in the credits -- i ain't an "extra") and actually filmed some really cool shit. fights, falls, running, jumping, throwing, etc. they managed to chop that into a 10-second scene of savages chasing the heroes. then, and i don't know where they got this footage because i didn't film this shit, all of a sudden the "guardians" of the temple (who are supposed to be the undead) are laying face down with gunshots to the back -- wtf?! very scrambled film. i did this for the chance to do some work in what i thought was going to be a pretty big deal (hey, i'm a star wars fan, homie) and for the chance to meet han solo (my favorite star wars character) -- i had no idea it was going to be this shit. at least me and harrison ford got chummy. how did i get the gig? most of my colleagues in the martial art community here in l.a. are stuntmen/women, and they know i gets down on the scrapping, doggy!!! ha! that's how i got the gig. no audition, just a nod from the homie nito! so, thanks for the paycheck mr. spielberg and mr. lucas, but... get the dvd when it comes out! next, look out for a little stunt cameo in the dark knight movie!

the next day (sunday) my mother came into san francisco with my sister. my mom came up to visit my sister in monterey and they both decided to visit us. long story short, my mom and krish's mom went to a club that night and off to fisherman's wharf the next morning for some crab and chowder! they have dubbed themselves "the golden girls." jeeezus.

oh, and in between all that, we went to celebrate my cousin andrea's graduation!!! buckshots in the sky to andrea for climbing that fence and getting that diploma! got to party up with the deleon fam and watch my lakers get one handed to them. all good. i predicted lakers in 5 anyway(and last night might prove me right). congrats again, andrea de leon!

monday was a very relaxing day for me. i just babysat my son, hit up serramonte, and started writing for the illmind joint and the project with sabzi.

got home on tuesday, slept, and caught this on youtube:

oh, and please, please, please come out tonight to this -- i'll see you there:

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Yaotzu said...

lucus' mind keeps pushing forward but hes loosing the spark that made him big behind him. So your going to be in Dark Night also. next thing you know your going to be a dual actor/musician.

and Lakers are going to take it all the way this season. putting money on that.