May 6, 2008

...miss roughdraft on deal or no deal (philippines)...

kris aquino is a fuckn' idiot! my parents watch a lot of tfc, and she's been caught on there talking about, (to a darker skinned pinay) "do you find it hard being so dark, because lighter skin is seen as being more beautiful?" or "are all your children from the same father? (interviewee responds, "of course!" -- kris looks into camera) because you never know!" dumb ass.

click on miss cariaga's picture to read a great blog about a stupid ass show:


scariaga said...

wow, thanks for the shout out holmes (that's a big florescent pic!).

freakin 26K. ick.

Elaine Dolalas said...

dude...wack status

i am so embarrassed to be almost related to her. my cousin's mom (not my tita by blood) is ninoy's first cousin.