May 19, 2008

...kanye gone wild...

so, the homegirl jayrock and i had a g-chat conversation today about a g-shock show with kanye. below i posted the video of kanye performing "can't tell me nothing" (best song on the album) with 4 topless women in astronaut helmets walking around him. hmmm... jayrock thinks its artistic. i don't think its that deep -- i think kanye was in the production room like, "yo, check it, check it! what if i was in a chair with my battlestar galactica glasses on, right?! then, four hoes with no tops came out and just did some movements around me and shit?! that would be craaaazy, right? right?!" and of course, kanye's yes-men all said, "yes, boss!! that would be great!"

so, here's the video -- y'all tell me... or don't tell me nothin'. get it? don't tell me nothin' -- like, can't tell me nothin'... funny, right?! right?!

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