May 21, 2008

...what key be to lock...

rest in power ka bel -- make sure you read the previous post and please spread the love about this elder and his life's work.

i'll be up in the bay this weekend putting some things together to complete the album. linking up with the homie, illmind from new jersey (his blog/site are in my 'places to visit' links to the right, holmes), and if you didn't know -- illmind is the truth on the beats. philippines stand up! also, i'll be up in the lab with amplive and baba zumbi this weekend to finish up some things! it's going to be a busy weekend for me.

oh, but before all that, i'll be hitting up one of my favorite high schools, luezinger high school in the south bay for their annual pcn! excited about that! then it's up to the bay to try and catch my godson's christening.

one last thing, if you can make it, hit this up:

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