June 5, 2008

...dutch masters?!

so, in case you didn't hear about this, back in august of 2007, jose maria sison (pictured above) or joma, was arrested in the netherlands in connection to murders in the philippines that authorities claim he orchestrated. long story short, for the sake of the blog, the case was dismissed, joma was freed and the evidence did not, and will never "add" up!

today, the dutch national courts decided to move forward with joma's prosecution. joma, 68, has been living in the netherlands since 1987, exiled from his home in the philippines. professor sison is the general consultant of the international league of peoples’ struggle (ilps) and has been the chief political consultant of the national democratic front of the philippines (ndfp) in peace negotiations with the government of the republic of the philippines (grp). these negotiations have been facilitated by the norwegian, dutch and belgian governments.

in august of 2002, the communist party of the philippines (cpp), a group that joma was instrumental in reorganizing and the new people’s army (npa) were listed as “foreign terrorist organizations,” by the u.s. state department, and pushed for other foreign governments to “take action and to isolate these terrorist organizations to choke off their sources of financial support, and to prevent their movement across international borders”. soon after, the u.s. department of treasury listed joma as a “terrorist” whose assets must be frozen.

in grand puppet fashion, the dutch have decided to obey the u.s. request and issued a sanctions ruling on terrorism (2002 III) to criminalize joma by branding him a “terrorist” with no due process.

the political harassment of professor jose maria sison must stop!

i urge you all to read about joma's past and current work, and find out how you can help send the message to the dutch and philippine government that we will not allow this political persecution to continue.

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