June 11, 2008

...in that kind of mood...

feeling a little nostalgic... wanted to put some pictures up on the wall. peep.

these are the kind of picture texts i receive when i'm on the road -- i'm a lucky dad and an even luckier fiance

the homie nick diamond introduced me to one of my all-time favorite skateboarders, christian hosoi

this was at the ivar. krish threw me a big birthday party -- all my friends came in, but didn't get the memo that it was a 90's party, so krish and i were the only ones reppin' it strong!

this is me and my pop at the los angeles baby shower -- nuff said.

me and the little one posted on the block

venice beach with krish and dazie -- thank for the picture mey!

getting my little soldier ready... fist up!

this was after a night of drinking -- note the red faces on these gorgeous womens!

this is me skating away on venice beach

this is my favorite picture!

how is kahlil going to ever disrespect women with ninangs like these?!

the guns in boston...

the guns in new york city with dj butta...

the guns in hawaii...

my favorite dj! he would be IN more of these pictures, but he's usually the guy taking the pictures!

native guns' "drowning" video shoot

krish and bam in hawaii -- kahlil was 2 months in

1 comment:

Ms. Krish said...

I love these pictures...

Remember when our iPhoto had pictures of us, instead of 5 million of KB?

But I guess he is much cuter than we are.

(Btw, thanks for the upshot in the last pic, DJ Phatty!)