June 4, 2008

...my sister is way smarter than i is...

i went to my sister elysha's graduation last night (pictures to come)! i'm very proud of her. she is the first of the siblings to actually cross that stage -- and when she did, she did it big! honors graduate (4.5 gpa), you snitches! the rest of her class wore the green robe (big ups to y'all), and she got to walk up front in the white robe!!! holler! we're so proud of the young woman she's become!

i hope this was halloween, or something

next year, she ventures out to start her college career at uc irvine! all my anteaters take care of my sister!!! jana, who goes to irvine, is part of the bambu management team -- and now with my sister going to irvine i guess that means i have to do free shows!!! all good. here's the scenario:

elysha: "kuya, we have this fundraiser, and i need you to perform!"

bam: "okay. how much am i getting paid?"

elysha: "nothing. but if you don't, i'll be mad at you."

bam: *sigh "fine."

i love you, elysha! your big brother is very proud of you!

at my sister paola's wedding