June 9, 2008

...north by southwest...

i thought the plane was going to fall out of the sky. as my plane made its way through the clouds, it was made apparent that the weather was going to be different from home -- the plane jerked and shook before breaking through the gray clouds and the very green city of seattle was in plain view. i love this city!

picked up by the homie nam (who's album release i was coming in to help celebrate) and phat, who had flown in the night before, in the "rice-rocket" red honda! nam is the super driver!

after some rest and rehearsal at bee's we went straight to sound check where we met up with daps one, the good medicine fam (geologic, gabriel teodros, khingz and macklemore) and ra scion (of common market). vera project is a dope spot -- i think i'll bring the exact change tour there in september!

sound check ended and we shot over to a pricey little thai restaurant for some great conversation, beer and of course, thai food. the conversations went from ill bill's fear of homosexuality, brother ali faking the funk about being a white albino, skateboarding, critiquing my last album (thanks geo) and women's basketball.

we got back to the vera project to find a nice little crowd gathered out front. as soon as 9pm hit, ra hit the stage and we were off. here's a photo recap:

nam's new album, "exhale" on display

ra scion of common market held it down as the host for the evening

the physics hit the stage first, and decided to make it hard for the rest of us to follow their act -- great set!

phat dog started the set off with some call and response...

i hit the stage

the crowd was thick

good medicine hit the stage next (geologic)

macklemore giving the vera project the bird

khingz going stupid doo-doo dumb

the groom-to-be, daps 1, holding down the tables all night long

...and finally, the man of the hour, nam!

every act killed it, and the crowd let us all know! make sure you pick up that new nam album, "exhale."

after the show, sabzi and i broke off from the rest of the squad to go do some work! we ran through a catalog of beats to be used on an upcoming project starring sabzi and i. the beats were moving! sabzi is by far one of my favorite producers ever... as we were finishing up our listening session, folks started to trickle into the house with drinks, drinks and drinks (and someone brought that new bud light lime beer -- no one really touched it, but it was very nice to have on the table). had great conversation with chera, geo and chel. spent some time with my seattle fam properly! learned about palow da don being a cheater -- followed by a remix session of "love in this club" by geo (i didn't know geo played instruments -- i feel weak as an artist now!), sabzi and (i think) phat dog. also got to really catch up with my canada folks! jilly from van-cilly and christina the don diva slid through from across the border! the night ended with khingz, sabzi and i talking about nas and watching max-x before the house finally emptied out at 5am. no sleep at all. who needs it?

sabzi drove phatty and i to the airport. before we left, we had some ivan's fish and chips and a recap of the night's events. hopped the plane to oakland, hugged phat, then hopped a plane back home. krish and kahlil picked me up (i missed them so much in that 24 hour period) -- i went home and caught up on some sleep, then woke up to my lakers getting their asses kicked. fuck.

big up to my seattle and vancouver folks who i got to see: sincere, freedom, donna (congrats again!!!), ron, geo, gabe, khalil, jill, christina, chel, chera, cherry (who i didn't even recognize at first), sabz, bee, daps, mack, ra, the physics, chev, lo, 1st quarter storm, ab seattle, all the new faces i got to connect with and of course the homie nam!!! you guys always make me feel at home. i'll see y'all at daps' wedding!

"...we broke, but not broken, cold but not frozen..."

photos courtesy of janelle quibuyen


Roda said...

loved every minute of your show yo.. flawless victory!

can't wait to hear the new album!!

Game Theory said...

good seein you mang. apologies for knockin out early (3am).

BUT, lemme know if you want them flikr originals!


christina said...

just caught this blog entry today. was good to see you and we're sending hella love from up north! the kasamas up here miss you and hope you can make it to our side of the border soon.