June 28, 2008

...that fucker was too fast...

david diaz reminds me of a guy named george i used to get bussed with to elementary school. george beat me up by the monkey bars that were strategically placed behind the giant handball wall of our schoolyard.

revenge, george!!!

manny moved up in weight, and because of his high profile as a fighter, was allowed to challenge the belt -- and tonight, he took it. i watched the fight all by myself in my apartment, sick as a dog. but the coughing and body aches didn't stop me from jumping around the room while manny threw down.

at the end of the fight, manny gave his thank you's in the classic pac man fashion, holding his new championship belt -- and this time, he didn't thank gloria... go manny!!! diaz's post interview was full of vulgarity, but a good sport about the thumping nonetheless. "that fucker was too fast!"


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