June 2, 2008

..what the fuck are people doing to their faces?!

didn't they used to make fun of big lips?! i remember when i was in the military, we were picking nicknames to put on the back of our class shirts for field medical school -- one of my classmates from kentucky says to me, "hey, we should call you 'chimp.'" the whole class (a class of predominantly poor white hicks) chimed in, "yeah, yeah... because you climb trees really quick and you got big lips... hahaha!" i hated everyone in the class anyway, so i just started throwing canteens and rocks at everyone in the room... needless to say, i didn't get to graduate with them and was transferred to my next unit in okinawa. they eventually sent me the shirt, and sure enough -- "chimp" was next to my name. i mean, i don't even think my lips are that nice! krish got some plump lips -- i got small lips compared to those beauties. anyway, the point is, they used to make fun of the lips that belonged to people of color because they were 'big' and pink!

so, now it's our turn! these dumb ass people inject collagen into their fuckn' skinny ass lips! that's just fuckn' ridiculous! i'm sorry, i'm not trying to be that dude, but "are you serious?!" the only reason i bring this up now is because a friend of mine recently said to me, "yo, n***uh, that angelina jolie is a bad muthuhfuckuh! those lips!!!" c'mon homie!!! white girls with "ethnic" features is the new shit, huh?! well, sorry women of color, just when you thought it was safe...

now rappers are shouting out white girls in videos and songs, ice-t's white ass wife got butt implants... we're moving backward, my people.

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Mark V said...

this post really freaked me out. my day is ruined.