July 22, 2008

...birthday weekend with steph and phat...

for my actualy birthday, krish set up a nice dinner at fogo de chao in beverly hills. steph and phat joined us, and of course, fun followed. if you've never been to a brazilian steakhouse, set aside at least $150 (for 2 people), and try it. you start with a salad bar... eeeh, not my thing. but, upon completion of your leafy meal, the meat arrives! they give you a small card that you place on your table with a red side and a green side...

green: "...my stomach is ready for the many different cuts of an animal's ass!"
red: "...stop with the meat! it hurts!!!"


in the parking lot of fogo de chao

after the mass consumption of meat, we headed back to the crib to play scrabble. phat tried to pull off, "gotmine."

it was a really fun night! my son was brought home by his uncle dre and we went to bed! this is truly the way i wanted to spend this birthday!!! thanks steph and phat for spending it with me. thank you, honey (krish) for everything!


scariaga said...

twas my pleasure to spend my breaking-the-cleanse day feasting on deliiciousness! happy bday holmes!

Elaine Dolalas said...

oooh they do that at the brazillian place in burbank. instead of a card its this wooden thing that's painted green for go and red for stop. and the dudes come by with chicken, steak, lamb, etc. it's pricey, i went for my bday two years ago, but not fogo de chao pricey!


there's a bomb one in seattle.. check it out when you come up next.. YEEE-AH!!

it's called:
Ipanema Brazilian Grill
1225 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

HAIL YAH you gots to set aside $150!! i remembered when i went there with my partner for happy hour and i still spent $60!!