July 11, 2008

...c'mon jesse - wtf?!

this is my brother, the bishop of hip hop, adisa banjoko! he put this out to address the off-handed comments made by the reverend jesse jackson, who has traded in the bible for crab claws -- trying to throw glass in obama's drinking water.

for some reason, because of some of the things i have said in the past, folks think i don't like obama, or i have some kind of beef with that man... never!

i wish him the best. i think he will change american politics and his term in office will truly bring some forward progression. BUT, until we as a collective, as a people, decide that this system (a system that doesn't seem to benefit our communities) does not work for us, then real change is improbable. change starts from the bottom up, never the other way around. my fear is that as a people, as a generation, we may kick up our feet, turn on that 106 and park shit, and think "we're good" because we have one of ours in office! i have faith in our people, but the money still dictates what we ingest, and what we ingest (music videos, the news, etc) seems to manipulate how we carry on. barack does not control the money, and therefore will not control the media, the corporations and their special interests.

again, your brother bam would love to see this brother in office, but more than that, i would love to see our people attain a geniune liberty and justice!

isulong!!! the struggle continues.


adriel said...

i just thought you don't like people with the word "rack" in their name.

BAMBU said...

...i don't.