September 19, 2008 - they go...

last night was amazing. thursday night, knowing that the weekend is coming and that they probably had to get up and go to work the next morning, san diego folks flooded the kava lounge to celebrate the exact change tour! i'll have pictures for y'all soon, but i just wanted to take this time to thank all those who came through to support me. i really appreciate y'all! the night was righteous because of the folks who rolled out!

ree. what more can i say?! definitely held phat and i down. great job hosting, holmes! love you!!!

zar and the pnoy apparel fam! genuinely good people! anything you need from us - ever! thank you for backing us through this journey, homies...

broken dreams! man, this is a group to watch. great live show -- really owned the stage and kept the crowd in it through their whole set. killed it!

kronic. thank you for always making me push my craft forward lyrically. the new mixtape joints are fire!!! "it's kro-nic plague, you don't want it!"

son of ran. brother. i know the due you've put in will pay off a hundred fold in the very near future. this brother holds day-go down! i've only heard records, so to finally see homie rip was a great pleasure -- just as fly a performer as he is on record! we got work to do, homie.

my squad, jana, jayson (who left really drunk), danielle, phat and kat! as usual, you guys kept calm when i was running around like a tyrone biggums and for all of your hard work, i will always be in y'alls debt! thank you guys! let's get seattle!!!

to the fans who came out -- i'll see y'all two more times in the next 3 weeks in your neighborhood. go to to find out when.

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christina said...

homie, looks like you're traveling up the west coast and you'll be in seattle soon. you got time to come up to vancouver? let's make it happen!!!