September 4, 2008

...everything is...

okay, i had planned on revamping the entire blog and official website as soon as the album dropped -- and i didn't want to post anything new until then... BUT... when i saw this shit, i felt it would be unfair not to share it with y'all.

i've been a huge bootcamp fan since "who got the props." they had such a grimy style that it was easy for l.a. heads to gravitate towards! the homie illmind is on the beat and its directed by another homeboy, rik cordero! EVERYTHING IS HELTAH SKELTAH!!!

so, like i was saying, i'm going to fall back and everything will get a facelift and update on september 11th -- when the album officially drops!

until then, isulong!!!

1 comment:

mic. swayne said...

Oooooh Ruck and Rock at it again.. lovely!!

"put yo face on yo chest like rick ross.."