September 30, 2008 us...


"...fuck if they don't like us, they ain't gotta' like us!"

i met this brother, cza through krish. she had got some beats from homeboy and when i heard them, i instantly dug them. fast forward a little bit, cza hits me up to do an interview for his blog -- we talked about some heavy things regarding obama and some other shit, and at the end of the convo, i asked the brother to send me beats! this beat (like us) was one of maybe 5 beats that he sent me. i picked two, but i just couldn't get the other one to fit the album. this record is the anthemic joint on the album. writing to this was easy. the beat just pushed this out of me.

be on the lookout for the basket of beats cza threw on to the upcoming eyeasage album, "rocky rivera." fire.

they throw our women on an auction block
hoping you'll go out and cop the new shit in the parking lot
what the fuck do thongs and a butt-cheek clapping
got to do with half the videos' relation to the rapping
see, maybe i'm just lucky, i don't hang with those hoes
every sister that i roll with stay fashionable
every sister that i surround myself with don't trick
you might catch them at a rally spitting game at a pig, but
at the end of it all the oppressor is the target not the victim in her drawls
dangle money like a carrot and the hungry's going to bite
especially when she's been told her beauty's second to the white
now it's white women
fake lips
fake tits
now we overlook a sister because a white girl's thick?!
that's me scratching my head
i have never
i will never, bruh
we'd rather be...


YURY said...

yo b, i'm really feelin what you're saying about constructions of beauty.

i just came across your blog by accident and i was wondering is there any way i can contact you to do an interview for my thesis project? i am currently a senior at brown university writing a thesis on Asian American Hip Hop. I just had a couple questions for you and was hoping you'd share your opinions with me/give me a little advice for the direction of my paper.

Thanks a mil. i'm originally from ktown, LA so i know the azn am hip hop scene is a lot bigger over there. i'd really appreciate it if you'd help me represent over here too.

-chris yury lee

BAMBU said...

yeah, man, i'm down. hit me here:

thanks for reading, chris!

christina said...

kas, THANK YOU for writing that verse. as always, you set a good example for young men - i wish more men were writing lyrics like that, and representing women in a positive, non-commodification way. i'm posting this on my facebook because i think more folks need to see this!