September 23, 2008 fuss...

johnny five, the guy who produced this joint, is one of the most talented producers/musicians i've ever had the pleasure of working with. i've known johnny for about 6 years, and we've made some pretty dope records together. he worked heavily on the first album, "self untitled..." and we planned on getting in the studio and dropping an album together. let me back up a little bit.

right after i dropped the first album, johnny dropped his solo album, "summer," and immediately after that, he left for france. while in france he worked on an album, became a huge star out there and found his soulmate. so, with that said, johnny's life is bridged between california and paris -- which makes it hard to actually dedicate time to recording a whole album. we've nipped that idea in the ass and decided to go with a mini-album of maybe 5-8 songs. when? who knows.

the song is pretty self-explanitory, so, we'll just leave it at that. the original version of the song had 3 verses, but we took the first one off for the sake of keeping the flow of the album quick and to the point (we don't need 3 verses to explain). that last part of the song, where it sounds like fifty people are in the studio singing along -- that was actually about 20 people!

one of my faves on the album for the moment.

muscle for loan, like brother mazone
diamond watches to work for kids in sierra leone
nike dunks don't look correct on kids who're thin to the bone
the battle's in vain if you ain't relate it back home
j-o-h-double n-y big 5
supply the demand to give bam some bounce in your stride
from ipods to my dog's old cutlass supreme
the soundtrack music to do the things to free our streets
from p-i-g's and d.t's and patriot acts
immigrant cats who rob folks with government gats
i trouble the facts that begat the lies that they spew
i'm rhyming for you
i'll take those bullets proudly for you
i'm through with the fussing, cousin
i'm trying to topple 'em all
native guns tag it up all on your city hall wall!

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R O A D S said...

yo bam! this whole cd is the truth! been on heavy rotation 25/8! bangin, brother! peep you out on oct 18th in seattle!! YEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!